o Each team consists of min 3 and max 6 members
o It is not allowed to enter in 2 different teams
o Teammembers can consist of different clubs/countries

There are 2 categories:
U-19: All team members are younger then 19 year old on the day of the DDCB
OPEN: If 1 team member is older then 19 year old on the day of the DDCB


o 2x 30” speed
o If there are more then 4 teams competing in the Speed event, there will be a selection during the rehearsals
o The top 4 teams will compete on stage
o The 2 jumpers will each jump 30″ and will switch after 30″
o  This track will be used for the speed event: Double Dutch Speed 2x 30 sec
o 2 teams will jump on stage at the same time
o In case of a false start, the team will lose 10 points in case the ropes move before the ‘go’ sound
o Every type of rope is allowed

Performance    U-19 (under 19) / Open division
o Timelimits: min 2min, max 3min
o 3 to 6 teammembers
o Mandatory use of music
o The type of the rope is your own choise
o Teams can decide if they start on or next the stage before the music starts


o Teams bring their music on USB on the day of the DDCB and send it in advance.
o The music needs to be cut after 3min. If it’s longer then 3min, the judges will disqualify this team.


o The stage is 10m wide by 10m deep
o The free height is 8m


5 judges will quote on:
o Technical Ability
o Expression
o  Choreography
o Originality


 If you plan to use a prop such as another rope, a ball, a special item, etc. in addition to one set of double dutch ropes, please indicate that information when you register..